The beautiful days

original title:

I bei giorni

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Ready (25/10/2021)

The movie (really a Docufilm, indipendent and authorial) is all shot live with the comment of the author, Roberto Labate, and starts from very vital and ecstatic moments of life, in the French Riviera, in Cannes, place of the famous Festival, in Saint Tropez, centre of night life and cultural, when during the summer it seemed we could have our lifes back, after the terrible experince of Covid, that crashed our society. Really after some moments of joy, of life that is even spread for example from the dancers in Saint Tropez, Covid strikes back even in those iconic Beautiful Days, famous clubs shut down, and in Italy, like all over the world, we feel that struggle of the society against Pandemic, that is also the theme of the movie. And one of the sectors most crashed is just the Culture one, and the Cinema, and in facts I shot the only 2 Festivals that take place in that period, in my city of Pesaro, and the Festival of Venice, where workers and show workers, only in those moments have a job, meanwhile others are in deep crise. And all that is seen through the eye of Cinema, that starts in front of the Palace of Festival in Cannes, iconic place that reproduces this collective imaginary, that is salso magic, in the world and in the society, where these stories start, and arrive in Saint Tropez, in my city of Pesaro, in Riccione, in Venice, and also returns back in Cannes, where this cineatographic and real image had started.