30.000 miglia al traguardo

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30.000 miglia al traguardo

30.000 miglia al traguardo

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30.000 miglia al traguardo








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Ready (02/11/2021)

Francesco Cappelletti is on the verge of fulfilling a lifelong dream. He’s the only Italian competing in the Golden Globe Race 2018, an around-the-globe single-handed regatta with no stops, outside assistance or modern navigational aids – touted as one of the most extreme tests of endurance in modern sailing history. More than a race, the GGR’s a way of life for sailors seeking to commune with the sea on the deepest level. Francesco will compete against 17 sailors from across the globe along a 30,000-mile race course in some of the world’s most treacherous waters. Over the course of a year, our crew follows Francesco as he races against the clock to rebuild his vintage yacht, 007, encountering one setback after the next. With no major sponsors on the horizon to cover mounting costs and with personal relationships hanging in the balance, Francesco begins to shut himself off to the world, more determined than ever to attain his dream that will ultimately come at a high cost. The unfolding drama on land and sea drives the action in tn one man's deeply personal odyssey -- against all odds -- to navigate to the furthest corners of the earth.