The flower in his mouth

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The flower in his mouth (Il fiore in bocca)

The flower in his mouth (Il fiore in bocca)

original title:

Il fiore in bocca


Gustavo D'Aversa, Walter Prete, Totò Sergi, Nick Gray, Maggie Gray, Sabrina Sergi, Valentino Pizzolante, Vito Lisi, Giuseppe Calabrese

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Ready (01/06/2021)

festivals & awards:

  • Cinemambiente 2021: Made in Italy
  • Ischia Film Festival 2021: Scenari - Fuori concorso

Salento has become one of the most popular regions of Southern Italy with tourists from all around the world, thanks to its enviable postcard beauty. However, deep down underground, among the roots of its olive trees, this land hides an invisible secret. All kinds of waste have been carelessly buried in 270 sites during the 80s. Consequently, local cancer incidence rates have become among the highest in Italy and Europe over time. "The Flower in the Mouth" is a choral story marked by at times grotesque characters, which explores a complex human landscape, twisted in inextricable contradictions. On the one hand, we face the will to denounce in order to get rid of this evil. On the other hand, we witness the strength of a silence fueled by fear of losing the most important source of wealth: tourism. In a land that doesn't leave you choice, what is the right way to survive?