La notte brucia

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La notte brucia

original title:

La notte brucia

directed by:


Marcin Szoltysek








film run:





Ready (09/11/2021)

festivals & awards:

  • ShorTS – International Film Festival 2022: Official Selection
  • Valencia Cinema Jove International Film Festival 2022: Curtmetratges
  • Turin Film Festival 2021: Torino 39 corti - Prize Rai Cinema Channel
  • Corto Dorico 2021: Fuori Concorso
  • Festival del Cinema di Porretta Terme - Porretta Cinema 2021
  • Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival 2022
  • Cortinametraggio 2022: Concorso cortometraggi
  • Sicafilm Los Angeles international Film awards 2022: Best Short Film
  • Metropolis Film Festival 2022
  • MUFF'22 / Mieres Under-60 'Film Festival 2022: International Shorts
  • Festival Fenȇtres sur courts 2022: European Competition
  • Falvaterra Film Festival 2022
  • FMK – International Short Film Festival 2022: Premio Young
  • Maremetraggio 2022
  • Festival del Cinema di Cefalù 2022: Menzione d’onore
  • Minikino Film Week 2022
  • Vertigo Film Fest 2022: Selezione Ufficiale
  • Visioni Italiane Festival 2022: Selezione Ufficiale
  • International Short Film Festival Vision 2022: Selezione Ufficiale
  • Urban Visions. Beyond the ideal city 2022: Finalista
  • Girogirocorto Film Festival 2022: Selezione Ufficiale
  • Accordi @ DISACCORDI 2022: Selezione Ufficiale
  • Festival dei Lumi 2022: Best Italian Short Film, Miglior Attore (Eugenio Deidda)
  • Cortoconfine International Film Festival 2023: Selezione Ufficiale
  • Oudeis international Film Festival 2023: Premio del pubblico
  • Mompeo international film short festival 2023: Menzione Speciale
  • Festival du Film Jeune de Lyon 2023: Selezione Ufficiale

Born and raised in a small town, Max doesn’t study or work. With the help of his friends, Antonio and Hamza, Max takes pleasure in stealing jewellery and valuable objects that they could then resell to unscrupulous jewellerystores. The days pass in a repetition of petty thefts and meetings with a pusher from whom they buy all kinds of drugs, until the unexpected happens.

Max, Antonio and Hamza, are just three ordinary boys, children of fake news on Facebook and of an Italy fueled by cheap cocaine, where small provinces are becomingviolent for no apparent reason. These young people are not united with each other, and without prospects, culture or education, they don’t really know how to react or rebel. We don’t even really know why, or against whom,they are rebelling.
Therefore the only God to dedicate oneself to is Money as an end in itself, completely liberatedfrom what was done to obtain it.
There is no work culture, because there is not really any culture other than the fashion houselabels, the Instagram profiles of music stars and influencers.
Underpinning this story is the cliché of the graduate who ends up as a garbage collector being omnipresent in society. The parents who work honestly all day for a thousand euros turn into losers; there can be no pride in them, norpity.