Napoli l'aldilà di tutto

original title:

Napoli l'aldilà di tutto

directed by:


Antonia Truppo, Suami Puglia, Lello Arena, Giancarlo Cosentino, Tina Femiano, Gianni Ferreri, Antonella Morea, Claudia Napolitano, Giovanni Scotti







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Ready (12/02/2022)

In Naples there is a secret world, populated by spirits and ghosts, often ignored and unknown, but who whisper serene and welcoming thoughts to those who are willing to listen to them.
From a few sentences of a novel by Erri De Luca, a fantastic journey begins, in which a little girl and her mother, both deeply scarred by a recent bereavement, will journey through the magic and feelings of an afterlife that only in Naples is still tangible and present.
  It is a spectacular world: from the unsurpassed magic of the Fontanelle Cemetery, to the unknown Cemetery of the 366 Fosse, a unique Enlightenment burial place; from the surprising remains of the Church of Santa Luciella to the insuperable hypogeum of the Church of the Purgatorio ad Arco. The instinctive and smiling gaze of the little girl will drag her mother's anxieties through these monumental places that are home to mysterious rites and characters, but always full of humanity, a solidarity that will constantly accompany them. Until anguish soon gives way to sweetness and life will make its peace with death.