Mami Wata

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Mami Wata

Mami Wata

original title:

Mami Wata


Heyab Aglione, Cristina D’Alessandro, Gianfranco Gallo, Simona Buono, Vincenza Gallucci, Paolo Ricca, Maurizio Ricca


set design:

Monica La Barbera

costume design:

Monica La Barbera


Sossio Noviello


Comune di Contursi Terme (SA) con il supporto di BCC - Banca Buccino e Comuni Cilentani





film run:





Ready (01/01/2021)

festivals & awards:

  • Los Angeles - Italia 2022: The Italian Job
  • International Vesuvius Film Festival 2021: Official Selection
  • Corti in Cortile 2021: Concorso
  • Gold Elephant World - Catania Film Festival 2021: Catania Corto Italiana
  • VIFF - Varese International Film Festival 2021: Cortometraggi
  • Young & Short 2021: Multicultural
  • HIIFF - Heart International Italian Film Festival 2021 Official Selection - Migliore Fotografia, Migliore Giovane Cast, Migliore Montaggio
  • Cinema e Ambiente Avezzano 2021
  • Det Poetiske Fonotek 2021
  • Pompei Street Festival 2021: Point of Wiev
  • London X4 Seasonal Short Film Festival 2021: Official Selection
  • Premio SHINEMA 2021: Concorso
  • Procida International Film Festival 2021: Official Selection - Best Short Drama
  • Sezze Film Festival 2022: Miglior Attore Protagonista
  • Catania Film Festival 2022
  • Metropolis Film Festival 2022

Gaia lives with her adoptive grandmother in a country house. She has a special relationship with a white lily plant she grew in her grandmother’s land; every day she takes care of it. Cristina is the daughter of a very powerful businessman. She is different from the other children. Her skin, diaphanous because she is albino, creates a wall of distance with the surrounding reality. When her father, an unscrupulous man, is interested in Gaia’s grandmother’s land, Cristina rebels against him. Story of a pure and simple friendship, Mami Wata takes its name from an African godness, symbol of water and of the duality of nature: pure and pristine, rebel and free.