The silence of God

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The silence of God

original title:

The silence of God


set design:

Rosella D’Orazio

costume design:

Rosella D’Orazio





film run:




aspect ratio:



Ready (01/07/2020)

festivals & awards:

  • Shepherd’s House International Film Festival 2021: Best Christian Film Award
  • Lisbon Film Rendezvous 2021
  • Festival del cinema di Cefalù 2021
  • Standalone Film Festival & Awards 2021

"The silence of God" is an experimental short movie that reflects on spiritual and metaphysical themes, through the essential, with the intent to raise questions rather than offering answers. Using the sheer strength of film editing, the work combines evocative images and music with deep and complex contents, to represent in an allegorical and conceptual way the difficult relationship between the transcendence of Being and the immanence of material entities. It is a sensorial and conceptual experience, devoid of dialogue, but full of symbolic or metaphorical scenes; it is a theorem that expresses the difficulty or impossibility of modern man in knowing how to perceive, understand and realize in a true, full and complete way the dimension of the sacred in the material dimension of the world.