E se mio padre (second feature)

Mid-1980s. Aida is 12 years old and has long realized that there is something dark about her father Adriano: his repeated and prolonged absences, his frequent trips around Europe and his work in an unspecified import-export company do not give her a fair shake. But it is only when he gets to sixth grade and meets Daniel, his new schoolmate and aspiring photojournalist, that he realizes that perhaps it is time to look into the matter. Asking for explanations, however, would serve no purpose: she has been told too many times that she is still too young to understand. So the two kids turn themselves into detectives and begin a meticulous investigation that involves all of Aidaʼs relatives, unbeknownst to them, in a search that combines family events with the crime stories that characterized our country between the 1970s and the 1980s. Adriano, in the childrenʼs minds, thus becomes once a red terrorist, then a killer, a P2 Freemason, a spy, a fugitive... Until one day the investigation comes to a head.