A room of his own

original title:

A room of his own

italian title:

Una stanza tutta per se

directed by:








In post-production (24/12/2021)

Seventeen-year-old Uri screws up his first interview in the army. He tells his examiner the truth about his complicated home life, about not being able to be with a lot of people in the same room, and about only being able to pee when he's alone.
Uri has to deal with his family falling apart, the realisation that he has no place in his father’s new life, and having no privacy at home after his mother moved into his room. Uri wants to break free from his parents’ emotional and physical hold. He wants to make room for himself and have a room of his own.
At the same time, Uri likes the idea of having his mother beside him at night. He likes lying down in their shared bed, reading a book under the nightlight, with his eyes following the lines until they slowly shut.