What goes around comes around

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original title:

Chi la fa l’aspetti

directed by:


Giusi Dilettuso


Maria Virginia Colaiori






film run:





Ready (01/12/2021)

festivals & awards:

  • Sweden Film Awards 2021: Finalista Migliore Regia
  • Los Angeles Cinematography Awards 2022: Semifinalist Best Director
  • New York Cinematography Awards 2022: Finalist Best Director
  • European Cinematography Awards 2022: Semifinalist Best Director
  • Rieti & Sabina Film Festival 2022: Selezione Ufficiale

Helena and Dahlia decide to participate together in a Comics contest. Dahlia is often exhausted due to her very busy days spent on work and study, and therefore any time she starts drawing something she soon falls asleep before she completes the drawing, however Helena, always willing to do anything for her friend, would continue Dahlia’s drawing without letting her know, going against her own interests. One day Dahlia founds some of her drawings in Helena’s room and believes her friend stole them to win the context, and therefore she asks Helena to leave the flat straight away without letting her give any explanation. Once Helena comes back to the house to give her keys back, she finds her friend asleep in front of her laptop whose screen shows an email informing Dahlia she won the context. Helena is strongly tempted to delete the email, but she finally surrenders, being still fond of her friend, so she simply leaves the keys on the table and goes out of the flat. Once she’s out, she’s also notified she won the context.