Il cinema racconta il suo coronavirus

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Il cinema racconta il suo coronavirus

Il cinema racconta il suo coronavirus

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Il cinema racconta il suo coronavirus

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Simona Izzo, Leo Gullotta, Cinzia Th Torrini, Pierfrancesco Pingitore, Giannandrea Pecorelli, Verdiana Bixio, Francesco Rutelli, Marina Tagliaferri, Alessandroo Haber, Nicola Nicoletti, Massimo Piparo, Fabio Grossi, Romolo Sormani, Roberto Leone, Maurizio Kuvacs, Amato Gabotti, Mario Amati, Roberto (Pivio) Pischiutta, Vanessa Gravina, Luigino Piccoli, Andrea Viotti, Tonino Tosto, Luigi Auriuso, Gianluca Franculli, Emanuela Pagliarini, Leandro Pesci, Pamela Fontinovo







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Ready (11/01/2022)

How is show business changing in the world of TV, Cinema and Theater in the post Covid-19 era? What has the health emergency we are experiencing made us discover about the professions and what impact is it having on the audiovisual sector? What human and professional needs can we draw after this experience?
Enzo De Camillis' documentary photographs the epochal change in the sector by interviewing the entire audiovisual film chain, from director to producer, from set designer, to machinist, from builder to tailoring, from cinemas to theaters, a set of professions that make up the show and that few people know.
Covid-19 has been with us for two years now, highlighting the difficulties of the show by highlighting all the discomforts of the sector. And it is they, the artists, technicians and actors that De Camillis interviewed underline the difficulties that covid-19 created during the working of a troupe. The importance of the professions and artisans of our cinema, also launching an alarm: the professions are disappearing.
The documentary is proud of illustrious names who have, with their testimonies, told how they lived the quarantine, how the work has changed and what needs they have today in the sector. Let's talk about names like the actors: Simona Izzo, Leo Gullotta, Marina Tagliaferri, Alessandro Haber, producers such as Verdiana Bixio, Giannandrea Pecorelli, the directors, Pierfrancesco Pingitore and Cinzia TH Torrini, Francesco Rutelli president of ANICA, Massimo Piparo, director of the Sistina theater, Leandro Pesci, President of ANEC Lazio and many others, costume designers, set designers and artisans.
The world of cinema and theater responds with concern to the restrictions caused by Covid-19, but wishes the world of entertainment and culture a period where an enlightened politics can start a real recovery and growth of our nation. HELPING the culture of any artistic form is essential for the growth of a country. Without culture there is no future.