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Strangeness (La stranezza)

Strangeness (La stranezza)

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La stranezza

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1921, future Literature Nobel Prize Winner Luigi Pirandello returns to Sicily for the birthday of his mentor, famous novelist Giovanni Verga. Upon his arrival, feral and unexpected news catapult him into a human universe populated by incredible personalities, ghostly visions, distant memories and melancholy apparitions. This irrational and compelling journey will allow him to confront a nostalgic past, propelling him toward the creation of his masterpiece, “Six Characters in Search of an Author” an eternal work of art which will mark a worldwide revolution in twentieth-century theater.

La stranezza is a fantasy about the creative act, about inspiration. A journey suspended between the real life of the author and imaginative invention. At the centre is the relationship between Pirandello and his characters. Between Pirandello and Sicily, between the private obsessions of a genius and the life of a Sicilian town in the 1920s. Some of the facts told here are true, as are some of the characters that appear. It’s true that in 1920 Pirandello went to Sicily to celebrate Verga’s eightieth birthday. It’s true that as a child he was taken care of by a nurse, Maria Stella, who would tell him the stories and rumours of Girgenti which inspired the author’s work.