The choice

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The choice (La scelta)

The choice (La scelta)

original title:

La scelta


Luca Abbà, Nicoletta Dosio, Emanuela Favale, Davide Grasso, Marisa Meyer, Alberto Perino, Paolo Perotto, Gabriella Tittonel






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Ready (28/01/2022)

A militant from the Susa Valley risks his life in an attempt to oppose the expropriation of the land necessary for the construction of the new Turin-Lyon railway line, TAV (Treno ad Alta Velocità). From his action a new phase of the struggle was born that for twenty years the no TAV movement has been carrying out in Susa Valley. His life and militant path coincides with that of many elderly and young militants, who continue, with strength, courage and joy, to oppose the realization of the worksite. The Government has taken possession of the area on which the construction site will be built. The perspective of preventing the start of work has vanished. How far are they willing to go in the struggle? The documentary traces the events of the movement of the last nine years seeking the profound reasons that move the protagonists in search of freedom in the political struggle.