In the mirror

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In the mirror (Mi fanno male i capelli)

In the mirror (Mi fanno male i capelli)

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Mi fanno male i capelli

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Monica is losing her memory and it's tearing her life apart. It's Korsakoff's syndrome, the doctor says. It's irreversible. But then something unexpected happens: she finds a way to give what's happening meaning by borrowing the memories of another Monica, one she has always admired: Monica Vitti. She dresses like her, imitates her, acts out scenes from her films and identifies with her characters, until the line between film and reality starts to blur. Her husband Edoardo, who loves her deeply, lets this game become their new life.

This film tells the story of Monica, who has started to forget and desperately seeks something to cling onto when she feels her memories slipping away. She finds it in characters from the films of Monica Vitti, who was able to be all possible women by recounting them in all their weaknesses and frailties, in their comic and their tragic roles. She was the actress who combined laughter with tears, and allowed us to depict woman in all of her nuances, without stereotypes, with humanity.
Is it possible to rediscover oneself by borrowing a memory? That was the question that guided me in making this film. As well as: Is it necessary to forget? Empty cache, create space, delete.