Up there

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Up there (Lassù)

Up there (Lassù)

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Italy / France



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Ready (18/02/2022)

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Nino used to be a bricklayer who lived with his family in one of the enormous council houses of Brancaccio, on the outskirts of Palermo. Until one day the sky split open and he was borne aloft towards the light. Back in his body, he was no longer the same.
An irresistible force had ordered him to climb Monte Gallo and reach the abandoned military observatory overlooking Palermo. Day after day, thanks to his masonry technique, he transformed the building into a temple which is now recognized throughout Europe as one of the most impressive examples of outsider art.
But Isravele, the name Nino chose for his mission, did not foresee the turmoil that people, visitors and tourists, were going to bring to his ascetic soul and his fragile isolation...
Is the shining temple the work of a man deeply inspired by a superior vision? Or its artifex is simply a poor fool, as many deem? But, deep down, what is exactly Art? And - what place is left for the Artist in our world?