La conversione

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La conversione

La conversione

original title:

La conversione

directed by:


Peppe De Vincentis, Vincenzo Imperatore







film run:




release date:


festivals & awards:

  • Los Angeles - Italia 2021: Docu is Beautiful
  • RIFF - Roma Independent Film Festival 2020: National Documentary Competiton - Audience Award
  • Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Salerno 2021: Concorso Documentari
  • Vigata Film Festival 2021: Concorso Documentari
  • Inventa un Film 2021: Concorso Lungometraggi Oro Invisibile - Migliore Documentario, Premio Migliore Fotografia, Migliore Montaggio
  • San Gio' Video Festival 2021: Documentari - Migliore Sceneggiatura
  • Bardolino Film Festival 2021: Concorso Documentari
  • BCT - Festival Nazionale del Cinema e della Televisione di Benevento 2021: Concorso Greatest Indipendent – Sentieri
  • Premio SHINEMA 2021: Fuori Concorso - Premio Speciale
  • Catania Film Festival 2021: Selezione Ufficiale
  • HIIFF - Heart international italian film festival 2022: Menzione d'onore alla regia

Peppe De Vincentis, ex-convict (master of a thousand robberies and a thousand thefts, with 30 years in prison) today playwright and actor; and Vincenzo Imperatore, former banking manager (first 'deep throat' of the Italian financial system, after almost 25 years at the service of the country's main bank) today consultant to entrepreneurs against bank abuses, they tell how writing allowed them to reconvert lives that had reached an unsustainable crossroads.
Imperatore, author of 'I know and I have evidences', an editorial case (recently translated and published in France with the title ‘Le grand scandale bancaire’ ) from which it was taken also a theatrical show, denounces in no uncertain terms the irregularities and atrocities of the banking system in recent decades and of his activity as a manager; De Vincentis, author of the autobiography 'The Field of evil’, which could become a film in the next future, is a dramatic cross-section, not without irony, of a piece of personal life, inside and outside the prisons, but also of a piece of history of Naples itself.
Both Neapolitans, accompanied by an evocative original soundtrack based on voice and accordion, during the documentary film the two meet, have dinner together, know each other, they show mutual curiosity, they open up. And they tell, telling themselves. A lot and without hesitation. Through images and words.
Subtracting and deceiving were, each in their own way, the main activities of their lives, during all those years. Both, at some point, said enough. And they both started writing and unveiling what they had been, what they had done and the secrets of the worlds they come from.