Dio è in pausa pranzo

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Dio è in pausa pranzo

Dio è in pausa pranzo

original title:

Dio è in pausa pranzo

directed by:



Roberto Parri


Lele Crippini

set design:

Serena Sarti

costume design:

Serena Sarti


Pino Scarpettini, Blebla, Jamax






film run:



4K - colour

release date:


The protagonist is Ubaldo Lumaconi, a man of forty-year-old what for fear of being infected by his elderly parents, decides to shut himself up in a small room in their home, trying to avoid any contact with them and with the outside world as much as possible. During this kind of forced quarantine, he elaborates a bizarre theory in his mind, which he will feed more and more, constantly informing himself on the web. A theory that will also see zombies among the protagonists ...

It is an independent production, made in full pandemic emergency.
Filming began immediately after the spring 2020 lockdown. Taken by an uncontrollable withdrawal crisis from the set, Alessio Venturini and I (ten-year collaborator of Ugo Chiti), began to make some comic sketches in a cave hidden in the woods , which featured some crazy conspiracy theorists. The result of these small videos excited us so much that, once back in the red zone, I began to write down the script of a hypothetical film, based on the parody of some conspiracy theories at the time of the Coronavirus. Once back in the orange area we resumed shooting some segments. More and more convinced, once the white zone arrived, we gathered a small troupe of Tuscan workers and started shooting the real film, also respecting the rules of the Protocol-Cinema-Covid on the set. Despite the many difficulties, the final result went beyond our expectations. In fact, we believe that "God is on his lunch break" is a small independent miracle (especially given the world situation in which it was filmed) and that it deserves a chance in the room.