I peggiori giorni

How nice it is to be with family at Christmas. Or not? And is May Day really a holiday for all workers? Mid-August in lightheartedness between a barbecue and a dip in the pool? Do you dress up on Halloween to trick or treat strangers? Three brothers find themselves drawing lots, on Christmas day, to decide who, among them, will have to sacrifice himself and donate a kidney to save their father’s life. A businessman on the streets is taken hostage on May Day by his former employee who, fired without just cause, is ready to do anything to be able to take the severance money. The clash between social classes ignites on August 15th in front of a barbecue and because of teenage children grappling with the risks of a high-alcohol party and the dangers of the Internet. Finally, Halloween is the joke that fate plays on an unfortunate wizard who finds himself being hired without his knowledge by his historic rival in love. After the best days always come the worst days! Four new episodes for an ensemble film which, between irony and bitterness, probes the human soul and its miseries.