I Never Went Back

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I Never Went Back (Non sono mai tornata indietro)

I Never Went Back (Non sono mai tornata indietro)

original title:

Non sono mai tornata indietro

directed by:


Iolanda Pascale, Domenico Sansalone, Sonia Chiacchia, Giulia Chiacchia, Maria Iori, Beatrice Iori






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Ready (15/04/2022)

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Still a child, Iolanda was entrusted as a maid to a wealthy family in Vibo Valentia (South Italy): that family was the mine. For about 36 years, we were her only affection and her prison at the same time. In 1992, at the age of 44, Iolanda decided to change her life. Thanks to an arranged marriage, she moves to Toronto. Until then in my family she was the maid but for me she has always been my second mom.
In Toronto she creates her own world: closed, linear and tidy, but also a world that contains her multiple identities: Italian and Canadian, working-class woman and bourgeois, misfit and integrated, rebellious and conformist.
After 15 years, I went to Canada to hug her again.
From that moment her stories have brought to light a story that I had never heard before.
A history of the past of which there are still traces today, and which continues to persist forever poised between love and subordination.
The distances that should have been bridged through this journey together, have brought out a new awareness in Iolanda. An unexpected perspective that I hope will allow her to savor a new freedom.