Buio e luce

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Buio e luce

original title:

Buio e luce

directed by:






film run:





Ready (30/04/2021)

festivals & awards:

  • Los Angeles - Italia 2022: The Italian Job
  • Life Beyond Life Film Festival 2022
  • Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival 2022: Honorary Mention
  • BCT Festival Nazionale del Cinema e della Televisione 2022: Selezione Ufficiale
  • Festival del Cinema di Cefalù” 2022. Premio Speciale Cortissimo
  • Kursaal Film Festival San Sebastian 2022: Official Selection
  • New York Neorealism Awards 2022: Best Super Short Film
  • 8&HalFilm Festival 2022: selezione ufficiale
  • Black Cat Award International Film Festival 2022: Official Selection
  • Piceno Cinema Festival 2022: Finalista
  • Ostia International Film Festival 2022: Official Selection
  • Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Salerno 2022: Official Selection
  • LIFFT India Filmotsav & Awards - World Cine Fest 2022: Official Selection
  • Cineaste International Film Festival of India (CIFFI) 2022: Official Selection;
  • South Pacific Film Festival 2022: Official Selection - Quarter Finalist
  • International Micro Short Film Festival: 2023: Official Selection
  • Rapid Lion – The South African International Film Festival: 2023: Official Selection
  • Brazil New Union International Film Festival: 2023: Nominee Best Screenplay
  • Tilè TimeLess Shorts: 2023: Honorable Mention

Nighttime. A middle-aged woman is walking fast. A young man follows her. The woman notices it, panics, and speeds up her pace. She is about to cross a street when a car speeds up. Her pursuer leaps, overtakes her, and plants himself in front of the vehicle, thus saving the woman from a fatal accident. But that's not all. Images play with the spectator; they mislead and surprise him until they lead him to an unimaginable ending.