La bicicletta e il badile

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La bicicletta e il badile

La bicicletta e il badile

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La bicicletta e il badile

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Kriemhild Buhl, Maurizio Panseri, Marco Cardullo, Carlo Valtellina, Giuseppe "Popi" Miotti, Renata Rossi, Micaela Zimmermann, Caterina Bassi, Martino Quintavalla, Smaranda Chifu, Fabio Fumagalli, Riccardo Scotti, Fabio Villa, Giovanni Prandi, Silvia Buhl, Thomas Klinger, Claudio Inselvini, Tito Arosio, Rosa Morotti, Guido Lisignoli, Dario Eynard, Paolo Cattaneo, Gabriel Buda, Giangi Angeloni, Filip Babicz, Heidi Altweger, Anita e Bruno Vetsch, Mattia "Surly" Bernardini, Sabrina Casati


Alessandro Adelio Rossi


Produzioni Alberto Valtellina, with the contribution of Club Alpino Italiano - Centro di Cinematografia and Cineteca, with the support of Municipality of Tirano





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Ready (19/05/2022)

On Friday, 4 July 1952, Hermann Buhl, leaves Innsbruck on his bicycle, rides up the Inn valley, after 150 kilometres arrives at the base of the north-east face of Pizzo Badile, climbs it solo the Cassin route, descends, gets back on his bicycle and returns home, to be at work on Monday morning. A famous feat, narrated in a few simple pages in the beautiful autobiographical book. Summer 2021. Maurizio Panseri and Marco Cardullo retrace the cycling and mountaineering itinerary of Hermann Buhl: for him the bicycle was a necessity and the means he had available to accomplish the feat, for ours it will be the means to rethink sport in a sustainable way. Maurizio and Marco's journey offers a framework for meetings with people who have linked their name to that of the mountains.