A summer with Joe, Liz & Richard

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A summer with Joe, Liz & Richard (L'estate di Joe, Liz e Richard)

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L'estate di Joe, Liz e Richard

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John Waters, Michel Ciment, Patricia Losey, Gianni Bozzacchi, Joanna Shimkus, Valerio de Paolis, Gianni Bulgari, Giulia Naitza, Viram Jasani, Jacques Durussel, Pinuccio Baldino, Franco Bernardi, Salvatore Sotgiu, Tonino Loi, Giovanni Burruni, Giovanni Dongu, Gian Michele Oliva




Karel, supported by Ministero della Cultura, Regione Autonoma della Sardegna, Fondazione di Sardegna, Fondazione Alghero, with the support of Società Umanitaria-Cineteca Sarda, Europa Cultura, Sardegna Film Commission Foundation





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Ready (31/05/2022)

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It was the 11th of August 1967, when an English/Italian/American cinema troupe moved to Italy, on the island of Sardinia to start shooting Boom!. On paper it had to be a blockbuster: there was the most famous couple in the world, Elizabeth Taylor e Richard Burton, the screenplay by Tennessee Williams, directed by Joseph Losey, Noel Coward among the actors, the soundtrack by John Barry and instead it was an epic flop. Why?
Over fifty years later, the documentary aims to narrate Boom!’s adventure by rediscovering the forgotten and hidden pieces of that puzzle, through the witness accounts of the cast’s survivors and the memories and anecdotes of the local population that was hired to work at various tasks on the set. In the background, but with a leading role, the location: the documentary returns to the impervious and beautiful cliff of Capo Caccia where the film was shot and where the main character’s majestic villa was built.
The documentary, among others, has the testimonies of the director John Waters, Gianni Bozzacchi (Elizabeth Taylor's personal photographer on Boom set), Patricia Losey (Joseph Losey's wife), Joanna Shimkus (she played the role of Blackie, Taylor's secretary in the movie), Michel Ciment (who wrote two important books about Losey) , Gianni Bulgari (the famous jeweler), Valerio de Paolis (Boom united manager), Viram Jasani (musician on Boom set).