over the rainbow

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over the rainbow

over the rainbow

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over the rainbow

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Ready (13/06/2022)

What is diversity? What does it mean to have problems every day that the "normal" do not have? What do the institutions do to make everyone "equal"? Direct and indirect questions that the protagonists of the film, these boys, men and women, with Down syndrome ask and are asking from the world. Kids who ask, softly scream to the world to be part of the community, to be able to work, to be an integral part of a society that - in a different way 50 years ago - continues to reject them. The institutions take care of them until they come of age, after which they become a burden and are compensated with a pension without exploiting “this” great human resource but putting it in a corner to forget. Questions, wishes, have become more urgent and pressing with the world overwhelmed by COVID19. An isolated world where these wonderful kids have been confined to their homes with no possibility of socializing. And here Assipromos comes into play, with its teachers and volunteers through acting, dance, music courses ... first at a distance and then in the presence it opened unthinkable glimmers. Over The Rainbow is a journey through their hearts and their stories. A cross-section of the world defines a world more and more closed in on itself.