Goodbye in february return to my land

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Goodbye in february return to my land (Addio in febbraio ritorno ad Ancona)

Goodbye in february return to my land (Addio in febbraio ritorno ad Ancona)

original title:

Addio in febbraio ritorno ad Ancona

directed by:


Marco Di Stefano, Elena Schiavoni, Donatella Pompei, Tanya Khabarova, Anna Marconi,Lorenzo Marconi, Elena Malozemova, Augusto II Libertad Betancourt




Lucio Matricardi






film run:





Ready (02/10/2022)

festivals & awards:

  • Addio in Febbraio Ritorno ad Ancona
  • Dubai Festival 2023: Best Trailer
  • Cannes Continental Film Festival
  • BCT Benevento Cinema Televisione 2023: Greatest Indipendent
  • Cortintelvi 2023
  • Social World Film Festival 2023: La notte del cinema
  • 8 & HalFilm Awards 2023: selezione ufficiale
  • Vesuvius International Film Festival 2023: selezione ufficiale
  • Caorle Film Festival 2023
  • Fellini Film Festival 2023: Selezione ufficiale
  • Caorle Film Festival 2023: Menzione speciale esordio alla recitazione (Elena Schiavoni)
  • CortoDino Film Festival 2023: Official Selection
  • Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Salerno2023

The film traces the adventurous life of Bruno, an Italian who emigrated to Argentina after the war for the love of his cousin Delia, a love that will last a lifetime.
After Delia's death, Bruno returns to his hometown, Ancona, which he had left 50 years earlier to join Delia in Buenos Aires. He will find all the places, people, objects of his youth and a granddaughter he never knew, on a journey where the boundaries between reality and imagination are blurred.
On the narrative technique of the flashback, the protagonist relives, through the places of his childhood, the most significant experiences of his adolescence which all have a family and a father out of the ordinary as their leitmotif. With this narrative expedient, the film manages to recreate the post-war climate in a provincial city like Ancona, which was heavily wounded by the Second World War but able to rise again, creating a forge of characters and characters that made it an important city on a cultural level.
The film in the form of docu fiction is the prewal of the doc film "The crazy years of speed, extraordinary lives" produced by Gabriele Ogiva in 2020 and recreates the first part of the story backwards, capable of softening the viewer who is involved in a whirlwind of emotions causing a sense of emotion as when one glances at an old photo album. From this point, "Farewell in February, Return to Ancona" is a film about the collective memory of the imagination of an entire generation, born under the sound of bombs. In this chapter, the film also frames historical unpublished and exciting 8 mm films.