Every 8th of December

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Every 8th of December (Ogni 8 dicembre)

original title:

Ogni 8 dicembre

directed by:



Lorenzo Cacioni





film run:





Ready (31/07/2022)

festivals & awards:

  • Reel Recovery Film Festival 2022 : Official Selection
  • Golden Lion International Film Festival 2022: Best International Short , Best Female Director, Best Actress, (Palmira De Angelis), Best Cinematography
  • Tokyo Film Awards 2022: Bronze Winner Best Short Film
  • Tokyo International Monthly Film Festival 2022: Honorary Mention
  • London International Monthly Film Festival 2022: Honorable Mention
  • Korea International Short Film Festival 2022: Best Short Film
  • New York Neorealism Awards 2022: Best European Director
  • 8&HalFilm Festival 2022: Best Psychological Drama
  • MLC Awards 2022
  • Black Cat Award International Film Festival 2022: Official Selection
  • Sequoia Internationa Film Festival 2022: Official Selection
  • Okotoks Festive Film Festival 2022: Official Selection
  • Cineaste International Film Festival of India: Official Selection
  • South Pacific Film Festival 2022: Official Selection - Quarter Finalist
  • Festival del Cinema di Cefalù 2023: Nominee Best Trailer
  • Cosmogenetics Film Festival 2023: Winner Best Cinematography
  • World Webfest Mania 2023: Official Selection
  • Muzzle 2023: Official Selection

Benedetta, a 15-year-old teenager, faints every December 8. Why? The screenscript, based on a series of interviews between a psychologist and the young patient's parents, hinges on the mysteries of the human mind.