The whisper of the great voice

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The whisper of the great voice (Il sussurro della grande voce)

The whisper of the great voice (Il sussurro della grande voce)

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Il sussurro della grande voce

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Edith Bruck, Roberto Herlitzka, Ilona Pressburger, Donatella Ferrario, Roberta Carlotto, Gad Lerner, János Betlen, Béla Szomráky, Andro Merkù, Giuseppina Manin, Mariano Rigillo, János Kelemen, Claudio Magris, Giulio D’angelo, Anna Teresa (Cicci) Rossini, Vladimir Luxuria, Sarah Maestri, Paolo Mereghetti, Laura Delli Colli, Alessandro Zaccuri, Massimo Bray, Imre Barna, Lukácsi Margit, Giovanni Cataluccio, Anne Zwack, Támas Szabó, Giorgio Amitrano


Roberto Borin, Paolo Fiappo, Francesco Gulic

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Ready (13/09/2022)

Giorgio Pressburger (Budapest, 21 April 1937 – Trieste, 5 October 2017) was a Hungarian-born Italian writer, journalist, playwright and director, one of the most significant figures in the cultural panorama of the 20th century. A borderless Central European intellectual, with a strong innovative spirit, son and protagonist of the great upheavals of the 20th century, whose scars were evident. A long journey that starts from the Eighth district of Budapest and a personal and family story that magically manages to intertwine with the memory of the century, evoking its stories, violence, art and passions.