The Anniversary

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The Anniversary (L'anniversario)

The Anniversary (L'anniversario)

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Xiao Duan


Marco Spinniccha


The Pillheads, Kenzo Diaze






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Ready (11/10/2022)

festivals & awards:

  • Los Angeles - Italia 2023: Panorama
  • RIFF - Roma Independent Film Festival 2023: National Short Competition
  • Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2022: Rebels with a cause Competition
  • Turin Film Festival 2022: Concorso Cortometraggi Italiani
  • Boston Wicked Queer 2023
  • Freiburg LGBT Film Festival 2023
  • Miami LGBT Film Festival Outhsine 2023
  • Muestra de Cine de Lanzarote 2023: Official Section
  • Vicoli Corti Massafra 2023: Concorso - Premio del Pubblico
  • Vues d'en face Grenoble 2023: Competitition
  • Shorts Mexico 2023
  • Zé Festival Nizza 2023
  • TLV Film Festival Tel Aviv 2023
  • Coming Out Days Chisinau 2023
  • Mix Brasil San Paolo 2023
  • Sardinia Queer Short Film Festival Cagliari 2023
  • Seoul International Pride Film Festival 2023

Today Rosa celebrates the anniversary of her engagement with Roberto. While she waits for him for dinner, she spends the afternoon in the pool with her younger brother Angelo. They begin to comment on a news story happened a few days earlier: the body of a boy found in a field a few kilometers from the city. Roberto arrives earlier than expected: the glances between the three become enigmatic and restless.

For "The Anniversary" I was inspired by the short story “So Much Water so Close to Home", by Raymond Carver: a wife begins to suspect of her husband, after he and his friends find the corpse of a woman on the  shore of a nearby lake. I was struck by the narrative dynamics of the  couple's dialogue, in a sort of “literary kammerspiele” that is staged in the kitchen, and in which the wife tries to investigate and get answers from her husband, trying to control, perhaps not fully dominating it, an avalanche of mixed feelings. I tried to do the same in "The Anniversary", in which another woman asks questions whose answers provoke reactions that are barely held back, in a single place, the swimming pool, as if we were at a theatrical piece. Here a family and affective context is now on the point of being revealed as it really is, and with the reactions it provokes in all the members who belong to it; tormented yet still hopeful in a different final, even in the face of the obvious adversity of the facts. Up to the paradox.