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original title:


directed by:


Carlo Massimino, Antonio D’Amora, Carola Invernizzi, Monica Galetta


set design:


Gabriele Colombo, Federico Campo





film run:





Ready (01/06/2021)

festivals & awards:

  • Los Angeles Italia Film Fashion and Art Festival 2022: Selezione ufficiale
  • Ischia Global Festival 2022: Selezione ufficiale
  • Festival Cinema Secondo Noi 2022: Finalista
  • Festival Corto e a capo – Premio Mario Puzo 2022: Selezione ufficiale
  • Timeline Film Festival 2022: Selezione ufficiale
  • Giffoni Macedonia Youth Film Festiva 2022: Best Seniors Short Film

“Carlè” is how Antonio refers to Carlo. Growing up in Milan’s suburbs, the two have been friends since forever. One is easy-going and carefree, the other is quiet and shy.
Carlo has a girlfriend, Sara, who recently found out to be pregnant. The news made the couple very joyful but left Carlo filled with worries as he doesn’t have a job and still lives with his mother.
On the contrary, Antonio, free from any responsibility, lives day by day while dealing in the clubs of the city.
After a soccer game Antonio invites the young couple to a party. Precisely in the course of this night, all of Carlo's hidden weaknesses will come to light.

“Carlè" is a colour photograph of an entire generation. The film aims to tell the story of a 20-year-old boy and his hidden fragilities.
Transitioning to adulthood is often difficult and painful: for Carlo, the film's main character, this transition has come a little sooner than expected, leading him to make forced choices and take big responsibilities on his shoulders.
Carlo and his best friend Antonio, although in two opposite positions, both feel at the mercy of their own destiny: on one hand, Antonio is fed up with living day by day without being able to give meaning to his existence; on the other hand, giving an irreversible direction to his life is precisely what frightens Carlo.
These fragilities emerge during a night like any other they spend together in the streets of their city: Milan.