Chutzpah - Something on modesty

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Chutzpah - Something on modesty (Chutzpah – Qualcosa sul pudore)

Chutzpah - Something on modesty (Chutzpah – Qualcosa sul pudore)

original title:

Chutzpah – Qualcosa sul pudore

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Diana Tejera, Patrizia Cavalli


Italy / Switzerland



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Ready (01/06/2023)

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Chutzpah is a Hebrew word that can be translated as insolent, cheeky, impertinent. Although the Yiddish word khutspe (חוצפּה ) has a very negative connotation, the form adopted in American English has also acquired positive meanings of "boldness."
One of the circulating examples of the word chutzpah is as follows: "A boy is on trial for the murder of his parents and appeals to the judge's goodness because he is now an orphan."
In the midst of a personal and work crisis, I start filming everything obsessively: my parents, grandparents, children, friends, but also myself and psychotherapy. Some footage is consensual, some is “stolen” and some is personal found footage - taken over a lifetime, with seemingly no purpose other than to look at me: who am I?
In putting all this material together, the personal-intimate becomes narrative: my recent separation, the pain of my children's distance, my parents' separation, my inadequacy as a mother. Inevitably, in this process of 'coming out' I clash with the privacy of those around me: that of my mother - who has always refused to be filmed by me, of my children - who can no longer stand the camera pointed at them, and finally the psychoanalyst - to whom I confess my sin and who will force me to make a choice.
The result is a kind of intimate diary that, in becoming public, is perhaps shameless and obscene. But where are the boundaries between what should remain private, off-stage, and what can be made public and shared? Today then? As in the chutzpah example, I struggle to justify my actions, appealing to a sense of what it means to make films for me.