The most intense days of Guido Kalb (first feature)

original title:

Les jours les plus intenses de Guido Kalb

italian title:

I giorni più intensi di Guido Kalb

directed by:


Piero Usberti, Luàna Bajrami









Development/Pre-production (24/12/2022)

23 year-old Guido shoots deer from a 4x4 with his friends Fausto and Mauro, in the woods in northern Italy. After this hunt, the three rush to Kiss, the largest disco in the region. Guido, an arrogant seducer and dominator, is right at home. But then he sees 17-year-old Albanian Sonia in a group of teenagers, a girl he met a few days earlier. He fell in love. He was rocked. Neither Guido nor his entourage can accept a relationship with a foreigner.
Guido works in his father’s garage and grew up in the rough Lombardy region of factory farms and immigrant exploitation. Behind the confident and aggressive façade is a troubled young man. To forget Sonia, he takes part in bloodier and bloodier hunts. Marika, a child who lives near the woods, watches the bloodbaths. Distressed, she curses Guido. Attacked by a deer, he falls into a coma. When he wakes up, a few days later, he isn’t the same – he is exposed and more vulnerable than ever. The violence has become unbearable.

This film is a tale about violence in today’s Lombardy.
As a child, I hated this region, today I have a great passion for it because here, the wounds are gaping. Rich and industrial, the brutal exploitation of animals refl ects the violence suffered by immigrants, who toil in the most difficult jobs, and who are resigned and worn-out.
Guido was born into this world from which he forged his image. He stifled his sensitivity.
He is a primal hero, who doesn’t know why he suffers the heartache of his conscience. His encounter with Sonia is a shock. Tormented, he becomes domineering. His reactions are deeprooted, he follows his primal instincts. To escape his anguish, he is carried away by violence and false recklessness. It is the breathlessness of bodies that dance, run, and hunt. Grumbles of wounded animals, humiliated people.
Screams of animals, screams of livestock, screams of victory and terror.
The glittering bodies, factory chimneys, and rifles. The red of the setting sun, lights of the discotheque and blood.