Guilty - My death is your death (second feature)

original title:

Colpevole - La mia morte è la tua

directed by:



set design:

Gianni Crobe

costume design:

Roberta Serra Corda, Stefania Grilli, Roberta Serra Corda,


Rino Amato







film run:




aspect ratio:



In post-production (28/10/2022)

In a long-stay clinic, Isabella wakes up from a deep coma.
Two years later, the woman enters a small police station and, with absolute determination, seizes three people by threatening them with explosive belts controlled by a device pressure cessation device. If anything happened to her, she would loosen the thrust on the device killing her hostages on the spot: Chief Inspector Carmine Lamberti, Inspector Antonio Tardio and James Zambelli, former Commander of that same office.
Commissioner Elisa Frangipane, with her men, tries to manage the situation by close telephone contact. Isabella makes explicit and records the motivation for her action.
She manages to prove beyond any doubt that Tardio and Lamberti are the real culprits in a robbery that ended in tragedy for which her son Danilo was falsely accused. Zambelli was not involved, but knowing the immorality and debauchery of his men he is guilty of never exposing them. She, in a coma following an accident in which Danilo's Danilo's partner, was unable to testify on behalf of her son, who took his own life in prison.
The request of Isabella, who is also willing to die to obtain justice, is that they be reevaluated through all media, the image and dignity of her son.
She drags the hostages to the top of the mountain where she scattered Danilo's ashes, promising to release them only when he is certain that the news has spread. He chain them to a large tree and convert the detonator from a "pressure cessation" to a "timer."
If by 6 p.m. the next day he has not obtained justice, the bombs will explode.
He abandons the three men at the mercy of the night, wild animals and guilt, to return to the city where he forces a journalist to listen to the confessions of the perpetrators recorded during the day.
Leave it to him to spread that truth or, failing that, the burden of the death of the three policemen.
The next morning Isabella, with a melancholy smile, reads the news that restores the dignity to Danilo, aware that she will never be able to hold him again, but happy to have freed his soul.