La fortuna è in un altro biscotto (first feature)

original title:

La fortuna è in un altro biscotto

directed by:


Dario Aita, Manuel Zicarelli, Enzo Paci, Fabrizio Contri, Daniela Camera, Giulia Barbuto, Simone Costa, Roberto Serpi, Long Long Pan, Simonetta Guarino, Enrique Balbottin, Andrea Nicolini, Alberto Giusta, Giovanni Serratore, Stefania Ciccarelli, Giovanni Zecca


Ruben Marciano



set design:

Chiara Margherita Rossi, Jadili Maryeme

costume design:

Chiara Margherita Rossi






film run:




release date:


festivals & awards:

  • Amarcort 2024

Originally it was the Montagues and Capulets, rival families notorious for obstructing to the death the love of their scions. Savona is not Verona, the Paffone and Collini are not the Montagues and the Capulets, but you can be sure that certain things tend to always remain current. When the entrepreneur and Order of Merit for Labor Manfredo Collini discovers that his son Federico has impregnated and is ready to marry Virginia, the only daughter of the only daughter of a buzzard moneylender called Tonino Paffone, he throws a wrench into the imminent marriage. Tonino, however, is willing to do anything to get his daughter married. The marriage would allow him to finally enter the fairy-tale world of the rich (but above all important) people in which Manfredo Collini lives every day. But Collini does not want to authorise the marriage and his son Federico, who has always been a victim of any paternal will, does not seem to have the necessary strength to carry out a coup of hand that would lead him to be disinherited and erased from the family. However, Tonino has an ace up his sleeve: a boy who works in a junk shop. Leo has inherited from his father a junkyard, now out of time and perennially in loss, and a mountain of debts to Tonino, which has become so overwhelming that pushed him several times to attempt suicide. There would be something else that Leo would inherited from his father: a network of contacts in the painting trade. Including stolen ones. And "The Laughing Christ", a painting that disappeared more than 20 years ago belonging to the informal current, was sold by Leo's father and is currently in Manfredo Collini's house. The plan for Tonino Paffone is simple: steal "The Laughing Christ" and blackmail Collini, forcing him to marry their children in exchange for the return of the informal art masterpiece. But Leo is certainly not a thief. Luckily for him, he knows one: his sister Giada, recently released from prison, proud not to have seen any of her family for eight Christmases.
But the heist, of course, will not go as planned. They are not the only ones, that night, who want to steal the painting....