Emanuelle – Do ut des

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Emanuelle – Do ut des

Emanuelle – Do ut des

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Emanuelle – Do ut des

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DO UT DES in Latin means "I give, so that you may give", but often we give only to receive in return something we crave, and this is what makes Leonardo a successful entrepreneur. His story is intertwined with the one of Francesca, a university student and part-time model. Francesca, although she does not undergo the charm of a luxurious life, is still attracted to Leonardo, but she disdains any kind of physical contact, due to a past that continues to follow her.
Being so elusive fuels the desire that Leonardo has for her, to the point of dragging her into his world to take from her everything she denies him. Leonardo gives to Francesca just to satisfy his ego and get what he wants. 'I give, so that you may give'. When Emanuelle, a writer who is carrying out an experiment on sexuality, enters his life, Leonardo sinks into a whirlwind of lust and darkness. Emanuelle and Leonardo cross the blurred boundaries that separate good and evil, driven by dangerous desires, risking everything to conquer what they desire. Leonardo, Francesca, and Emanuelle are linked by a triple thread that winds its coils around their lives. They create a web that imprisons them in a sadistic game, in which every certainty is questioned, and Leonardo soon realizes that everything he has snatched from others will be taken away from him, because sometimes risking everything has a price too high to to pay.