Big John

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Big John

Big John

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Big John



Agherose, Agent Double


Italy / Belgium



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Ready (10/05/2023)

Big John is in pieces. He needs urgent care because the world is waiting for him. Big John is the largest triceratops dinosaur ever discovered. In a small family business in Trieste, Northern Italy, a handful of people have a few months to prepare the huge skeleton for an international auction in Paris. The animal, after being reborn from the desert, will have to turn into a beautiful piece of art for the lucky few. But to get there, they will all have to overcome huge challenges and difficulties. Almost as huge as Big John.

Director's notes

This documentary not only reveals an unknown reality, made by people who put sweat and passion in a work in some ways absurd, but tells two ways of doing business. On the one hand there is a small artisan company that is taking care of a dinosaur as if it were a child and on the other there is an international expert who, to make everyone earn, must treat Big John as if it were a pop-star.The scientific peculiarities of the dinosaur are told by the protagonists, as well as the technical peculiarities of a beautiful vintage car. In essence, the documentary tells the effort and passion of artisans who create a beautiful object for a wealthy clientele. Except this thing is the biggest triceratops ever discovered.