L'ombra del fuoco

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L'ombra del fuoco

L'ombra del fuoco

original title:

L'ombra del fuoco

directed by:


Gianluigi Bacchetta, Giovanni Sechi, Giuseppe “Bosco Falchi”







film run:





Ready (01/04/2023)

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July. In front of us, the lunar landscape of Montiferru after the fire. Everything is black, the balance of nature is compromised. The economy is shaken. People on the street, in the centuries-old olive groves, in the burned forests around the thousand year-old olive tree, seem like ghosts. Many are in tears. This wound is deep, It has erased a part of their memory. It’s as though all of their family photos are lost and they are no longer able to remember the faces of those they hold most dear. It is a collective tragedy and we are faced with much individual suffering.The elders are saying that what has been lost will never be seen again, that the trees won’t come back. Everything is lost. Yet, in the middle of all of that desolation, we hear the unexpected song of the cicadas. With a small film crew, we documented the aftermath of the fire for four seasons, we listened to their voices, their songs. We witnessed the pain, and the miracle of nature reborn.