Banksy and the stolen girl

original title:

Banksy e la ragazza del Bataclan

directed by:



Gioia Avvantaggiato, Guilhène Iop


GA&A Productions, Arte, Rai Cultura, Luce Cinecittà, Tinkerland, in collaboration with Rai Teche


Italy / France



film run:

52' / 80'




Ready (27/07/2023)

January 26, 2019. Stealing into the chilly Parisian night, a cadre of hooded figures grind away an unassuming emergency exit door of the famous Bataclan theatre, the tragic stage of one of Isis’s most brutal terrorist assaults. Yet this was no ordinary door—it had been transformed into a tapestry of emotion by none other than Banksy, the mysterious modern Picasso. On that very door, he had painted “The Sad Girl”, to commemorate the victims of the attack.
At first glance, the French authorities suspected the thieves were moved by ideological motives, as a way to reiterate the philosophy of terror, but Isis remained eerily silent. The plot thickened, until one day the wayward door reappeared in a remote cottage on the hills of Abruzzo, Italy.
Bridging borders, French and Italian investigators wove an intricate tapestry of justice, reclaiming the stolen masterpiece and apprehending the thieves. From this dramatic heist, a question arises, casting a long shadow over the world of art: where does the law stand when it comes to street art?
In our documentary, we peel back the layers of this riveting tale. We plunge into a vibrant clash of worlds: the pristine art markets versus the gritty guerrilla art; the eternal drive for preserving artistic heritage against the fleeting nature of urban art.
“The Sad Girl” is an exploration, a journey into the captivating allure of contemporary art. Millions of people were spellbound across the globe, holding their breath as the tale of the lost door unfolded.