We are art - through the eyes of Annalaura

original title:

We are art - through the eyes of Annalaura

directed by:


Annydi, 100% Entertainment





film run:





Ready (11/09/2023)

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Filmed on location in Naples, Italy, We Are Art Through the Eyes of Annalaura was produced and directed by Annalaura di Luggo in collaboration with production supervisor and creative consultant Stanley Isaacs, and is an inspirational story of creativity, second chances and new beginnings. The documentary feature depicts Annalaura’s journey as she undertakes her most artistic challenge, creating Collòculi, an immersive, multi-media, interactive art installation constructed in the shape of a Giant Eye made of recycled aluminum, symbolizing environmental rebirth and recycling. She incorporates her artistic visualization of the lives of four young people who, in their own way, found a spiritual path out of the darkness into the light and reclaimed their self-esteem and found new value in life. We Are Art Trough the Eyes of Annalaura explores the artist’s unique creative process which began with her interviewing dozens of young adults. They shared their personal accounts of overcoming adversities such as bullying, racial discrimination, blindness, alcohol and drug abuse, sexual discrimination and crime. Annalaura then chose four protagonists. Through her expressive interpretations, their intimate revelations were transformed, blending their stories with the language of photography, digital video art, sound design, sensory interaction and experimental cinema. Once completed, the narrative was integrated into the Giant Eye and projected through the pupil, allowing the viewer in the gallery, through virtual technology, to interact and become part of the installation. Thus, with each individual viewing, Colloculi undergoes transformation as the art, and its protagonists and the viewer reflect as one… We Are Art.