The seed of the future

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The seed of the future (Il seme del futuro)

The seed of the future (Il seme del futuro)

original title:

Il seme del futuro

directed by:


Giorgio Vacchiano, Michele Freppaz, Giancarlo Cesti, Marta Galvagno, Renzo Motta, Ivan Rollet, Willy Regioni


Francesca Frigo, Andrea Parena, Davide Mazzocco, Renato Di Gaetano






film run:





Ready (01/06/2022)

festivals & awards:

  • Cinemambiente 2022: Made in Italy
  • Sestriere Film Festival - Dalle Montagne Olimpiche… uno Sguardo sul Mondo 2023: Concorso
  • Ecozine 2023: Otras Perspectivas: Naturaleza Viva
  • Festival du Film Vert 2023: Competition
  • Glocal Film Festival 2023: Professione Documentario
  • Orobie Film Festival 2023: Concorso
  • Cervino Cinemountain International Film Festival 2022: Concorso Film Commission Valle d’Aosta

The climate change is shaking the balance of the ecosystems. Whitin the Alpine forests its effects are two times greater than in the other environments. For this reason Giorgio Vacchiano, a scientist who studies trees, decides to return to his childhood woods, in the Aosta Valley. That's where his love for trees was born. That land, with its majestic landscapes, lends itself to become a great open air laboratory. A place where to study the climate change and the strategies to fight its effects. Thus begins Giorgio's journey through the Alpine forest, looking for the keys to understanding the deep changes happening in that territory.
Giorgio's research has a fundamental goal: to develop strategies in order to help the forest to fight against the effects of the climate change. So that we can preserve all the services the trees give to the humanity, because they guarantee our life on Earth.
To save the trees, indeed, means saving humanity.