Fratelli di Carne

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Fratelli di Carne

Fratelli di Carne

original title:

Fratelli di Carne


Dora Romano, Giovanni Battaglia, Corrado Taranto, Simona Buono, Amato Alessandro D'Auria, Francesco Barra, Claudio Cipriani, Lina Nido


set design:

Gerardina Busillo

costume design:






film run:





Ready (01/05/2024)

festivals & awards:

  • Festival del Cinema di Cefalù 2024: Semifinalista
  • Mumbai Entertainment International Film Festival 2024: Best Short Drama
  • Alta Marea Festival 2024: Semifinalista

Michele is haunted by a past ghost that devours him. Now that his wife Anna has died, he is forced to return to his hometown in Olevano sul Tusciano, a small town where he and his siblings lived before the tragic event for which Michele is responsible.
Michele's return to Olevano initially proves to be difficult, with old tensions resurfacing and emotional clashes with Luigi, his brother, who has not spoken to him in years. However, with the passage of time and the help of his sister Agnes, something happens and a journey of reconciliation, forgiveness and personal discovery begins for Michele.

The theme of “Fratelli di Carne” is our memory, understood as the foundation for the construction of the present. Michele becomes the vehicle through which individual and collective memory is explored.
The plot unfolds through Michele's attempt to confront his past and find inner peace, while his siblings Agnese and Luigi are involved in the process of family confrontation and reconciliation. Anna's chain and the cave of St. Michael the Archangel are key symbols in the narrative: the chain represents the unbreakable link between the protagonists' past and present, while the cave is the place of purification and rebirth for Michael.
"Fratelli di Carne" aims to transport viewers on an emotional journey through memory, redemption and family reconciliation. The story of Michael, Agnes and Luigi becomes an opportunity to explore universal themes such as forgiveness, acceptance and the search for one's inner peace.