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Marta Malvestiti, Alfonso De Vreese, Giampiero Rappa, Gemma Costa, Leonardo Larini, Alessandra Limetti, Pietro McDonald, Pappagallo Teti


Emanuela Licenziato

costume design:

Rossana Gea Cavallo


Sara Santi





film run:





Ready (30/04/2024)

festivals & awards:

  • Alta Marea Festival 2024: Semifinalista

Lisa, 30 years old, has a husband, a job, and many friends. Yet, it's not enough; she doesn’t have a child. The pressures of delayed motherhood torments her, causing insomnia and a mysterious itching, until a doctor reveals that she has snake venom in her body and she’s preparing to undergo a metamorphosis.

Lamias in Greek mythology were female creatures that were part human and part animal; in the Middle Ages their name was used as a synonym for witch. Associated with such figures is an archetypal female demon woman; in the Greek world in fact, the Lamias were figures known to seduce and lure young men and then feed on them, associated with the night and the ancestral magical world in contact with nature and the more animal part of the human.
The character of Lisa takes inspiration from these archetypal creatures; I was totally fascinated by the vision of Laura Zavagno, author of the story from which the screenplay is taken, and the character she created. Hers is a contemporary story, a situation shared by many women; it has a broad scope because humanity has always been questioning what is natural and what is not in our lives. Natural for a woman is to be a mother, and if for some reason, whether personal or biological, she does not become one, automatically she becomes half a human being. Half a body.
Lisa is transformed because she is a resilient being with great emotional depth. She has a visceral relationship with the animal, one can say that her best friend is the parrot Teti, and nature fascinates her. Only when she accepts this connection and her being over the definition of woman that society offers her, only then will she get rid of the itch that assails her and does not allow her to sleep.
I wanted to tell this story as a dark fairy tale full of magical realism. A house immersed in a suspended atmosphere, always in semi-darkness, even when the sun is shining outside, as if Lisa is also locked in a cage. Her transformation into a snake is subtly staged through movement, sound, light and shadow. It could all be a dream, an image from her deepest unconscious, it could be reality, to the viewer I leave room for interpretation.