Girls don't Cry (first feature)

original title:

Le ragazze non piangono

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In post-production (20/10/2021)

Ele is 19, she’s going through her finals, but she can just think of her father’s old RV, abandoned in a garage since he died and now ready to be sent to the scrap heap. She lives with her mother and her new partner in a suburb in Bari, over 1000 km far from the place she has grown up in. For her that old RV is a chest of memories she absolutely does not want to part from.
Mia is 22 years old. Four years earlier, she has left her little sister and her alcoholic father in Bucharest, her hometown. Now she works for a cleaning company but she hopes for a great chance to take her and Radu, the boy she escaped to Italy with, away from a life with no perspectives. He is a small dealer and has to do with something that could change everything.
Mia and Ele meet each other by chance and become accomplices smoking in the school’s fire escape. When Ele runs away with her father’s camper to prevent her mother from scraping it, she finds Mia hidden inside, with a huge bag full of drug with her.
Mia and Ele share an important journey that will make them face their ghosts and grow up. A journey through amazing or run-down Italian scenarios, from the South to the North, discovering places, but above all discovering themselves.
After an initial distrust the two girls bond deeply sharing adventures, little thefts, seductions and deceptions. They are so connected that, during the journey, Ele once almost thinks she has fallen in love with Mia. When her feelings are clear, along with the matter of the big bag Full of drug, their relationship is remarkably challenged.
Ele and Mia stay together until the end of their journey as they promised to each other. Their destination will be more meaningful and important than the one they set at first: it will be a place of mind to which neither one nor the other could have arrived without their friendship. The frontier that they go through is the one of the adulthood.