Incanto (first feature)

On his deathbed, Ludovico entrusts his daughter Margot to the housekeeper, Felicia, asking that the family villa be transformed into an orphanage so that the little girl can grow up in joy with other children. But the wicked Felicia only wants the little girl’s assets and not take care of her. With the complicity of her suitor, Max, she exploits the orphaned children and keeps Margot segregated and neglected to the point that the child withdraws into herself and no longer speaks. One night, however, Margot manages to escape and, after overcoming the darkness of the woods, she comes across a circus. The little girl is greeted by Charlie, the white clown, who introduces her to the secret that makes their circus unique: the old big top is magical, capable of showing anyone who enters its ring for who they truly are. Margot shines and, without even realizing it, finds her voice again. Welcomed by her new circus family, Margot is reborn, but Felicia is looking for her… Will the little girl be able to reclaim her roots and free herself from Felicia’s clutches?