Dark Room (first feature)

original title:

Dark Room



Nicola Spanò








In post-production (06/02/2020)

What lives in the blind spot of our true selves? Are we all capable, of being a human and a monster in one being? A man named Jack, is sitting in a DARK ROOM. One of the survivors of a brutal triple homicide, which took place in the elegant Mansion, of a charismatic Film Producer, Robert Spier (Christopher Lambert). Jack Butland was there, but he can't remember what happened or he doesn't want to? DARK ROOM is a tense psychological thriller, where the truth unfolds under the guidance of a neuroscientist, Dr Leonard (Bruce Payne) and also from the re-collected vantage point, of 5 witnesses to the massacre. A disturbed and frenetic type of "Rashomon", meets "Woyzeck" meets "Falling Down", where the 'behind closed doors' atmosphere and unexpected climax will draw you into the DARK ROOM, right next to Jack Butland. An intimate nightmare loop, where sometimes life just smashes you in the face and splits you in two. But, which half is the real you?