Jambo Tango

original title:

Jambo Tango

directed by:



Daniel Casabe







film run:



HD - colour


In post-production (24/09/2021)

Lino (age 36) is an Argentine Tango teacher who lives in Milan. His life is monotonous until Daniela (age 60), his favorite student, invites him to teach in Kenya. This prompts him to make a film about the trip involving his friend, Coffy (a talking dog), Susana, his mother (age 75), and Laura (age 28), the possible protagonist of the film with whom he falls in love. The film is built around and developed from the heated discussions between Lino, the author and protagonist of the film, and his friend, the narrator who constantly boycotts the plot with delirious proposals opposed to the deep spiritualist imprint and personal growth that the Lino poses.

Tango is a way of life. It is more than a culture. For many, it is life itself. With this premise I allow myself to share a way of finding a true meaning to existence, like the energy itself that flows between everyone. The motivation then is to share, trying to open a channel with the viewer that helps them rediscover themselves. The contrasts between the geographical spaces correspond to the emotional and psychic situations with a simple narrative and visual language. The film is not alien to the world of dreams, multiple and simultaneous that at the same time represent a duality on one plane. Hence the narrator and the author move between conscious and unconscious. What is life? Does an answer serve, or is the answer the question itself? This is what Jambo Tango is all about, about tackling this theme by simplifying it to the extreme in its development.