White Shadows

original title:

White Shadows

italian title:

Ombre bianche

directed by:






HD - colour


Development/Pre-production (21/01/2019)

Teenagers Andros and Alma are brother and sister. Though very different, they have a very strong bond. They grew up in a house in the woods which the boy sees as a prison, whilst the girl sees it as a warm and safe shelter. But both of them know it is the place that their father wanted them to live in, grow up in, and probably eventually die in. Their father raised them in that place secluded from the “civilized” world for their own good, seeing it as the only way to protect them from the evil that lies beyond the forest. Forcing them to live in the dark of the night meant protecting them from the evil “creatures”, that live and move in the daylight; those “white shadows” that get inside your mind and force you to see what you don’t want to see, hear what you don’t want to hear and do what you don’t want to do.