Strippers & Gigolos (first feature)

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original title:

Strippers & Gigolos

directed by:


Anis Gharbi, Stefania Visconti, Alessia Bergamo, Jano Di Gennaro, Davide Gobbo, Yara Costa, Marco Sandretti, Marcello A. Gariboldi



Emanuela Piazza


Giacomo Bucci






film run:




When Andrea reckoned his inability to manage and save his strip-club from failure he needed to give-up the management to his brother and Drag-queen Patricia.
Patricia now needs to persuade his friend and investor Stefano that "The club" is worthy and to do so she had no choice but to transform Rami a lazy gigolo to a professional strip-dancer capable of convincing performance in only one month before the bankruptcy.
Raffaele is an opportunistic businessman who wants to by "The club" so he can make it a place where his clients, rich & powerful personalities can have some fun and pickup some dancers for sexy time in private parties. At his side Lucas, his boyfriend, a young creative director in search of a quick way to become wealthy, both are very determined to do whatever it takes to win.
The show creation was going well until Andrea losing his faith in Patricia decide to go with Andrea, Patricia felt very hurt and left the project.
Stefano an ex-entrepreneur now investor and philanthropist is interested in the club mainly because he wanted to save his brother Lucas from the bad influence and the abusive relationship he has with Raffaele.
Rami accept on giving-up the gigolo thing because he wanted to regain his self-esteem retrying the dancing career again but sooner he'll discover that the temptation of sex and easy life is stronger than he thought.
Fernanda is a friend of Rami, a Brazilian tranny and ex-dancer now escort, she wants a serious relationship with him, but she knew he's reluctant because she's a transsexual so she decided to share with him his life decisions even when he left the sex industry to try dancing, it was more a controlling and possessive character than it is love sooner Fernanda realized that this new experience will change her way of loving.
Pamela an ex-porn star now escort and dancer for Raffaele and his clients found herself to make a choice between her ambition for money or her new friends Rami and Fernanda.
All these persons and stories will cross and melt going towards the destruction but maybe love and forgiveness may save them all.