Another African story

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Another African story

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Oyibo Productions





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Ready (13/04/2005)

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The conflict in Darfur, an area in West Sudan the size of France, is sustained by sinister forces. Since 1993, the government of Sudan has supported the northern Arabs in a civil war against the southern black population. The Arabs confiscated land and houses, millions of people have been killed, hundreds of thousands saw no other option than to leave their country. A war is waging in Darfur that is a derivative of the great civil war of Sudan. There, the government deploys death squads to terrorise the population. Over the last two years approximately 50,000 people have been murdered, 70,000 have died of hunger and the region has changed into something that can only be described as a huge refugee camp. Over one and a half million people are trying to survive under a makeshift roof, or under the roof of the open desert skies. Another African Story shows the great lengths rebels go to in their fight for development and autonomy. Until recently ‘Darfur’ almost completely escaped international attention, but now massive relief actions have been started. But as long as the people responsible for the mass murders go unpunished, freedom will remain an illusion.