Wiping the Sleep from your Eyes

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Wiping the Sleep from your Eyes (Levarsi la cispa dagli occhi)

original title:

Levarsi la cispa dagli occhi


Carlo Concina, Diego Capelli, Matteo Fontana





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festivals & awards:

  • Festival Oltre i Muri 2013
  • Festival dell'Autobiografia di Anghiari 2013
  • Ovest.Doc 2013
  • Bookcity Milano 2013
  • Sguardi Puri 2013

Can writing and reading change the life of a group of inmates?
The film shot in Milano Opera High Security Prison in Italy, shows how people can change and find deeply inside a different way of thinking.
Poems written by the inmates, pages of essays that they like the most, lead us in a journey through the spaces of the jail in search of the meaning of the word Freedom, showing that every human being needs to cultivate his soul, his mind and express his individuality.
And this happens especially in prison, where you need to find a new way for the future.
Inmates reveal their essential nature, and beyond the mistakes of the past, they show that they are persons with a spirit and a heart that have been changed by culture.
The experience of Milan-Opera prison can become an example for every jail in the world.