When Italy ate in black and white

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When Italy ate in black and white (Quando l'Italia mangiava in bianco e nero)

When Italy ate in black and white (Quando l'Italia mangiava in bianco e nero)

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Quando l'Italia mangiava in bianco e nero


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Ready (16/01/2015)

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How the concepts of nutrition, cooking, friendliness have changed over the last 90 years and what is the incidence of the energy of the so called “Bel Paese” in this changes of the "good food"? What has really changed in the habits and customs of the Italians, on their table and in the quality of their life? We try recount all this in this well documented and enjoyable journey between the traditional recipes of the regional cuisine, through black and white images from the Istituto Luce’s Archive. A tasty trip between dishes, kitchens, testimonies and funny stories from personalities of entertainment and culture.
How a good nutrition produces a good energy? Does conviviality help the formation of an intergenerational pact? The simple act of eating food is still representing a moment of emancipation of a society? Eating alone is bad? What means nutrition education ? The dinner is still an important family education moment? The images in black and white of a society that in the famine of the war was able to find the happiness of sharing the little food available, are still relevant today, during the most important post-war crisis?
These are some of the questions we want to answer to.
This documentary, despite these questions, it’s not a sociological survey, in the intentions, but a loving research, in black and white, of the good life’s recipes