L'uomo che ride - Sergio Corbucci

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L'uomo che ride - Sergio Corbucci

L'uomo che ride - Sergio Corbucci

L'uomo che ride - Sergio Corbucci

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L'uomo che ride - Sergio Corbucci


Orio Caldiron, Nori Corbucci, Giancarlo Giannini,Franco Nero, Lina Wertmuller


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Ready (18/03/2015)

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One of the most prolific and eclectic filmmakers in Italian cinema: in the course of his forty-year career, Sergio Corbucci made over seventy films with forays into every possible genre, from “sword-and-sandals” to horror, from comedy to detective stories, from musicals to westerns. Borrowing from the director’s unpublished autobiography, the documentary uses repertory materials from the Istituto Luce and private amateur photographs and videos, relying on the accounts of friends and collaborators and in particular of his wife Nori.

A meeting with Nori, Sergio Corbucci’s wife, and our surprise at the lack of films about one of the most productive and successful directors in Italian cinema, are the basis for this documentary. We asked Nori to talk to us not only about Corbucci’s career but about his private life too, involving his friends and collaborators as well. Nori accepted enthusiastically and gave us access to the unpublished autobiography written by the director, as well as a valuable private archive of films and photographs. We believe that the result is a portrait of a brilliant and cultured man, capable of great generosity, with an overwhelmingly contagious good nature.